ASIC Hunt, what do we do for you?

At ASIC Hunt, we have taken our 14 years of experience working with with multiple suppliers and vendors to provide the lowest price, fastest shipping, and earliest access to the best in class available miners. Our work spans across almost 2 decades and with our offices in both United States and China we have created a network of customer service and sales people that we hold to the highest standards.

Our Vision

We had a vision of a no to zero stress buying experience with money back guarantee that would help anyone just venturing into the crypto ASIC mining space all the way up to professional miners with larger scale needs. Our approach has made it possible to offer multiple payment gateways from crypto to wire transfers and some Credit Cards for purchasing your equipment.

How we got started

The beginning of this journey started when I met suppliers in Shenzhen, this was from my experience with Chinese based billion dollar Robotics company. After years of expanding my own hobby and started to supply friends and neighbors with the same products I was using, I made the decision to expand to other suppliers and the rest is history. We have over 32 suppliers which we hand pick to work with for specific deliverables. We have had the opportunity to work with and have vetted almost every single supplier that is available and have had the pleasure of setting up our own Warehouses in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Texas, and Germany.

Work with Us!

We are always looking for new sales and marketing talent to join the team. If you can take the time and send your salary requirements, desired position and resume to we get someone to schedule you for an interview. We have taken the time to give every single person who has applied an interview. We believe this strongly about our company values as well as believing in the people that believe in us. 
Tel: +1 (818) 670-6336